Are you familiar with the 3D virtual tour?
(Services start at 200€ ex-VAT)

It is extensively used in the real estate and hospitality businesses to allow your future clients and partners to remotely immerse themselves in your property that is for sale or rent, as if they were there! It is an unrivalled business asset. An example of a 3D virtual tour is presented at the bottom of this page.

That’s not all, immersive 3D tours have much more to offer depending on your market:

– Do you work in real estate?
In addition to enhancing the value of the property you wish to sell or rent, you save yourself the time of the actual visit and you can reach customers beyond borders! You provide them with an exact 3D view of an apartment, a mansion, much more meaningful than a plan or virtual images made on a computer with 2D/3D layout software. Your customers can simply launch the video and let themselves be guided room by room through your property. Or they can “walk” around on their own, they can have access to an overview of the property with the floor plan (optional service) in addition to the classic real estate photos.

– Do you work in the construction, renovation, architecture, design businesses ? My 3D scanner allows you, in addition to the benefits of real estate, to export and tag cloud points to Autodesk ReCap® or Revit®.

– If you work in the hospitality, seasonal rental, catering, event management (convention centre, event organiser) businesses, in a cultural venue (theatre, opera, etc.) or in a shopping mall, imagine how much the immersive 3D visit could bring you! Your customers can visit your premises remotely and feel more confident about the service you offer. The result? You convert your prospects more easily and your bookings increase.
Even better: if you have an account on Vacasa®, 360 imagery®, Homeaway® or Vrbo®, you can publish your virtual visit directly!

– Bonus for event planners: the scan made for the virtual visit of an event venue can also be useful in your organization. If you need to know specific measurements on site, I can provide you with this information on request in addition to the 3D scan. Do you also want to strengthen your arguments with your customers? You can add notes throughout the virtual visit about key features you want to highlight (a pretty stage, a spacious buffet area, an application kitchen, etc.).

Are you thrilled by the 3D virtual visit prospective?

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Here are some examples of virtual visits I produced lately (more comfortable to watch on a laptop than on a phone or a tablet):

Virtual visit of a luxury chalet in Haute-Savoie

Virtual visit with use of information options (tags, shortlinks, etc)

Virtual visit of a luxury chalet in Haute-Savoie


Virtual visit of a shop Haute-Savoie


Virtual visit of  of an appartment around Annecy


Virtual visit of  of an art gallery in Geneva


Glasses shop in Pringy, Haute-Savoie