Aerial Photography by Drone: Expertise for Professionals

Your projects require an overarching view? With my drone photography services, treat yourself to an immersive perspective. Whether documenting the progress of your real estate projects, enhancing your properties from a striking angle, or capturing aerial imagery for your corporate promotional campaigns, I offer my expertise.

From 250€ ex-VAT

In addition to covering elements such as architecture and construction, my services also encompass highlighting establishments such as hotels, restaurants, tourism residences, and developments by real estate developers. Whether you aim to showcase the natural beauty of the surroundings or spotlight the unique features of your facilities, my aerial shots will capture the essence of your project, offering an immersive visual experience to your clients and partners.

Comprehensive Support for Project Execution.

Beyond mere image capture, I offer comprehensive support in producing your projects:

– Aerial Photography
– Photography of Hotels and Restaurants
– Photography of Tourism Residences
– Event Coverage
– Real Estate Photography and Promotion Photography
– Large properties Photography
– Corporate Reportage

Certified Expertise and Commitment to Quality and Safety Certifications and Standards, a Priority for Drone Projects

Registered with the Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC) as a professional drone pilot and holder of the CATT certification, my priority is the quality and safety of my services. My certifications attest to my commitment to professionalism and compliance standards, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

In addition to scrupulously adhering to current regulations, I also commit to continuous training to stay at the forefront of the latest practices and technologies in drone photography. This proactive approach enables me to provide reliable and secure services while offering my clients peace of mind regarding the compliance and quality of my operations.

Convenient Location and Availability to Be Closer to You

Based in the heart of Savoie and Haute-Savoie, and also serving French-speaking Switzerland, I am easily accessible to meet your drone photography needs. Whether planning a corporate event, conference, or requiring images of a construction site, I travel within these areas to support your projects.

Furthermore, thanks to my flexibility and mobility, I can adapt to your time and location constraints. Whether for a planned aerial shoot or a last-minute request (please note that a minimum of 5 working days is required to make flight declarations, so the notion of ‘last minute’ is relative here), my responsiveness and availability enable me to effectively meet your needs.

The Essentiality of Drone Photography and Aerial Filming Today Unique Perspectives for Your Visual Projects

With the rapid development of drone technology, aerial photography has become more accessible than ever. Images captured by drones offer unique perspectives and angles that are difficult to achieve with traditional photography. Whether for personal or professional needs, drone photography and aerial filming add a new and captivating dimension to your visual projects.

Take your projects to new heights and broaden your horizons with drone photography services. Contact me today to discuss your projects.

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